Cloud App Resilience for VMware


Application-centric container application resilience for the protection of the entire Kubernetes environment, as well as backup and disaster recovery of external data and platform service(s).

On average, cloud application outages cost businesses $300,000 per hour. Bad deployments, misconfigurations, pod congestion, ransomware, cluster service failures, natural disasters, or cloud region failures can cause downtime. Traditional backup and recovery (DR) solutions can not assist your sophisticated auto-scaled, distributed cloud-native apps in quickly recovering whole application environment resources from downtime, which costs enterprises valuable time, labor, revenue, and reputation.

Appranix is an agentless container application resilience SaaS with an entire Kubernetes environment level backup and disaster recovery. Protect stateless and stateful containers across namespaces running your dynamic distributed applications and recover them in the same cluster or across another cluster in a different cloud. Protect and recover external data services or platform services in sync with your applications as one hybrid assembly for complete application resilience.

Appranix allows developers and site reliability engineers (SREs) to self-service recovery of namespaces, full clusters, or containers. Appranix utilizes Tanzu's native CSI implementation to protect and recover at a point in time within the same cluster or across clusters.

Key Benefits

App-centric Agentless Backup and Recovery SaaS

Protect and recover all your stateful and stateless containers with no infrastructure or third-party data management software. Apply flexible backup policies to protect your applications in native format and recover instantly from bad deployments, cluster failures, specific namespace failures, pod congestions, or cloud region failures.

Disaster Recovery for the Entire Kubernetes Cluster

Recover your clusters, all your containers, meta-data, and config maps in other clusters either in the same cloud or cross-cloud with a single click.

Continuous Resilience for Container Applications

Integrate Application Resilience with your DevOps pipeline with a single line of code to extend your CI/CD to CR (Continous Resilience).

Chaos Engineering with DR Tests

Practice Chaos Engineering by injecting known faults in your OpenShift cluster infrastructure to test if your applications can withstand failures.

CNCF CSI Based Open Native Format

Forever incremental, snapshot-based architecture for the same cloud infrastructure with the native format backup and recovery.

Open Source Velero K8s Backup Compatibility

Plug 'n Play compatibility with open source Velaro backup and recovery. Appranix SaaS can manage multiple Velaro installations across clusters from a single interface. Gain visibility across all your cluster backups for confident recoveries along with your external data services.

Rapidly Recover from Ransomware

Recover your entire cluster resources, dependencies, and configurations in separate air-gapped clusters automatically to recover rapidly from ransomware attacks.

Key Features

  • Automated discovery of applications container cluster infrastructure services
  • Automated discovery of applications data infrastructure without affecting production
  • Automated cluster network, security, load balancer, gateways discovery
  • Flexible automated cloud assembly and dependency mapping
  • Flexible policy-driven protection and data retention capabilities
  • Automated cloud-native Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) based app environment recovery
  • Cross-cluster data replication control and monitoring
  • Comprehensive app reliability compliance reports