Integrating CloudBees CodeShip with Appranix for Continuous App Resilience

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While the radical shift towards DevOps and the continuous everything movement have changed the software landscape, it has come at a cost.

New cyber threats, regulatory requirements and the aggressive need to protect brand reputation are putting crazy amounts of pressure on IT leaders.

By integrating and extending CI/CD with Continuous Resilience (CR) to provide protection against multitudes of software reliability disruptions, your DevOps team can confidently deploy new software.

Speaker - Govind Rangaswamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • How CR is the radical new enabler to increase the speed of DevOps
  • Reducing risks to system robustness while deploying new software
  • How to achieve resilience that could decrease disruptions by almost 50-300%

You can subscribe to Appranix SRA Protect Service right from the Amazon Marketplace. You can create an Appranix account, discover AWS environment, protect and recover in literally under one hour. You can cancel anytime if you don't like the service.

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