Easy Kubernetes DRaaS for distributed cloud applications

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With the latest Kubernetes v.21, you can go up to 5,000 nodes per cluster, 150,000 total pods for a maximum of 300,000 containers per cluster. As container environments grow distributed and complex, protection and disaster recovery have become increasingly complex. According to CNCF, over 40% use more than two clusters in their environments and most of them use cloud provider kubernetes services along with other external databases and PaaS services.

In addition, the vast majority of distributed applications use both containers as well as traditional infrastructure, making disaster recoveries even more complex. Well, we at Appranix, have made it super simple to do Kubernetes DR!

Speaker - Govind Rangaswamy, Founder and CEO, Appranix
  • How to protect and recover your Kubernetes clusters, applications, namespaces rapidly
  • How to recover from various downtimes, including cluster service failures, ransomware attacks, and failures due to stress on the clusters
  • Partial recovery of external services across another region while using production clusters in your primary region
  • How to leverage cloud-native data services infrastructure for point-in-time recoveries