Essilor Case Study

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A Fortune 50 Decreased Cyber Resilience Recovery Time by 276 times

EssilorLuxottica SA is an Italian-French vertically integrated multinational corporation based in Paris and founded on 1 October 2018 from the merger of the Italian Luxottica with the French Essilor. The group designs, produces and markets ophthalmic lenses, optical equipment and prescription glasses and sunglasses.


EssilorLuxottica AMERA migrated all their applications from their datacenters to Microsoft Azure cloud in 2021. All their business-critical applications used by their retail and labs; partner outlets have been running on Azure. These business-critical applications need to be available 24x7 due to all their labs being spread out throughout the world. Essilor developers deploy applications using DevOps pipelines and manage Azure infrastructure using Terraform along with Azure- native tools. They have close to 185 resource groups with 3,700+ resources across their environments and subscriptions. Every resource group has 100s of Azure cloud resources along with virtual machine-based compute and Azure managed database instances.

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