The Platform

An award winning, flexible platform for managing multi-cloud infrastructures for both cloud-native and traditional applications.


Simple and Modern Cloud-native Application Resilience SaaS


Appranix Site Reliability Automation

Appranix's continually learning adaptive system self-heals hybrid multi-cloud environments.


Release or update software and cloud infrastructure faster

ServiceFormation’s “LiveDeploy” capability allows you to frequently deploy your application and platforms’ multi-cloud infrastructure. Rollback is as easy as deployment.


Increase application quality

Bring your production environment data for applications testing to increase quality. “LiveCopy” your entire applications, platform configurations, and data with a single click to create on-demand QA, pre-production environments.


Increase your DevOps speed with infrastructure agility

“LiveRepair” and “LiveReplace” allow you to continuously monitor and update applications infrastructure changes based on your product architecture and performance requirements dynamically.


Multi-cloud patching made easy

Update and secure all your cloud resources centrally for your application environments or across the cloud zones and regions.


Protect applications infrastructure on multi-cloud

“LiveBackup” allows you to set your protection policies at the environment or platform level to protect your applications’ dynamic cloud infrastructure. Appranix’s adaptive system automatically applies those policies and protects your platforms during auto scaling or de-scaling.


Recover platforms and applications with ease

“LiveRecovery” radically simplifies recovering your applications’ entire environment or specific platform from snapshots in the same zone or region or across zones and regions.


Increase application availability

Monitor all the application cloud infrastructure for availability. Integrate with cloud platform services to monitor and remediate components using our ServiceFormation’s “LiveRepair” and “LiveReplace” capabilities.


Withstand cloud vendor service failures

Monitor and move your application components flexibly across different hyperscale platforms to run your applications when cloud vendor services fail with “LiveRepair” and “LiveRecovery”.


Audit for compliance and security

Audit changes from your application down to the cloud infrastructure with “LiveComply” to ensure compliance with your organization's policies. Enact appropriate guardrails for security and compliance before making changes to production systems with “LiveCompare”.


Protect your Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Scale your application components - applications, platforms, databases easily based on SLO policies with “LiveScale” capabilities. Our ServiceFormation system will auto-scale your cloud infrastructure “live” to deliver performance when required and remove cloud resources after the demand decreases.


Avoid wasting cloud ops team’s effort and time

Reduce your mundane operations tasks by offloading to our adaptive automation system that can “LiveRepair” your application’s cloud infrastructure automatically based on policies.


Manage environment changes

“LiveCompare” for managing configuration drifts between environments. Compare side by side any two running environments to see how your production environment is affected by the upcoming changes from development or test or pre-production environments.


Reduce cloud waste

Optimize your cloud spend by knowing your applications cloud costs with “LiveCosting” across multiple environments.


Eliminate cloud lock-in

Flexibly deploy your application components on any cloud based on the cloud provider’s SLAs and support. Move them easily for performance or cost reasons to different cloud vendors with “LiveRecovery”.